The 11th Hour

The game consists of puzzles scattered across different rooms and treasure hunt riddles provided by the GameBook. Solving puzzles and riddles opens up larger portions of the house.
Basement Basement Basement Kitchen Music room Library Dining room Foyer Bathroom Edward Knox' room Julia Heine's room Game room Hamilton Temple's room Martine Burden's room Brian Dutton's room Doll room Attic Chapel Gallery Laboratory Room at the top Nursery
1. Winter coat worn for a mixer? [+]
2. Rolling rock, bottle cap. [+]
3. Artsy, excited lecher. [+]
4. A heart attack could put you in the ground. [+]
5. BattleGround. [+]
6. Bars deter cuckoo bird. [+]
7. Modern art flourishes under the sun. [+]
8. SkedAddled. [+]
9. Part of the body examined in the doctor’s office. [+]
10. Libation for an affectionate puppy called Sounder. [+]
11. Animal sullied street. [+]
12. Jfcr vx qctf,
Zay rm umy kcytd.
E dcgf dcurb keyd kdetd ym wmauy,
Zay dcgf um tjmytd.
E dcgf um iflb cur xfy E jau
Eq kf kfjf jficyfr
Xma’r zf ydf bmu mq vx bmu. [+]
13. Zu gotdy od mpy nrmy stpimf.
Zu drvpmf zrsmd
Aogy jrt iq
Viy jrt yp yjr htpimf. [+]
14. Fruit loop on stove. [+]
15. Dreams about of arming the rebels.
What of nocturnal horses’ schedules? [+]
16. A distant, ancient Castle Keep
This famous Prince a place to sleep
To sleep, perchance to dream
Of an upset teagarden indochine. [+]
17. A man-horse on the fly Sounds like A wounded bull’s eye. [+]
18. Put an olive in a stein, mix it up,
and get the equivalent of a fool’s London subway. [+]
19. A vital, instrumental part. [+]
20. 2233642-736846874 [+]
21. Light piece from a great orchestra. [+]
22. Cheesy gadget that sounds larger. [+]
23. 500 = 100 = 0 [+]
24. Blend a TEAPOT SHOT and the pearlies won’t rot. [+]
25. Slyness holding shipment in choppe? [+]
26. Poor drainage could still produce a flower. [+]
27. Sounds like it got higher from wine. [+]
28. What kind of jewelry is angrier? [+]
29. You might hear a well-mannered red Cockney with a 60’s hairstyle. [+]
30. Instrument is sharp, but is missing its head. [+]
31. A defective truck with a crane makes for a ball-busting ballet. [+]
32. Look at key missing first imprinted label. [+]
33. Disabled cutting edge. [+]
34. Unreasonable reason. [+]
35. Paper used in unusual theses. [+]
36. Adroit holding a sharp instrument. [+]
37. A desserted Anthropod. [+]
38. 663 264625 46 2 6455466 [+]
39. Drink left at sea. [+]
40. Snake, baby, trap. [+]
41. A letter from Greece is quite a number in Rome. [+]
42. This eight letter word has kst in the middle, in the beginning, and at the end. [+]
Exchange the positions of the black and white knights, so that the white knights are on the tiles with the white knigth symbol, and the black knights are on the tiles with the black knight symbol. [+] Arrange the books by color, so that the four green books and the four red books are grouped separately. Each action moves two adjacent books to the two empty spots. You can only make 4 moves. [+] Separate the buttons into two groups of the same value. Only certain combinations work, which possibly have something to do with symmetry. [+] Lead the mouse to the rightmost entrance by placing maze pieces. Prevent the AI from moving the mouse to the leftmost entrance. There is no set solution to this puzzle, and it relies heavily on luck. You and the AI take turns selecting pieces on the painting. Each time a piece is selected, the piece and all adjacent pieces are blocked. Make sure you are the last one to select a piece. [+] Select all the billiard balls in order. Whenever you select one of the balls, your next choice is restricted, depending on the ball you just selected. [+] Exchange the positions of the brown and the white spiders. You have a limited number of moves. [+] Reconstruct the sliding tile mirror puzzle. Note that the puzzle is not always solvable. [+] Build a path that connects all three sides of the triangle before the AI does. [+] Use the train set to rearrange the word FAUST into STAUF. [+] Move the plates to make 5 stacks of 2 plates on each of the points of the pentagram. Each plate may only be moved once, and each plate must pass over exactly 2 other plates. [+] Make a path from the red square with the arrow to the square with the black arrow. Each number can be set to one of 8 directions once, and only one number can be set to each direction. That is, once you set number 4 to east, whenever you land on a square with 4 pips, you will move east. [+] Spell out words from the piramids. Subsequent letters must be adjacent, but all outside letters are considered adjacent. [+] Rotate and swap the gems until adjacent quadrants have the same colour. [+] Win the game by having more cells of your color. Move the piano piece off the board to the right. [+] Play connect 4 against the AI. Exchange the black and white bishops without them ever threatening one another. [+] Connect 5 of your own pieces, or capture 5 pieces of the AI. Whenever 2 pieces are blocked on both sides by a piece of the opponent, the pieces are captured and removed from the board.