The 7th Guest

The game consists of puzzles scattered across different rooms. Solving puzzles opens up larger portions of the house. NOTE: Some rooms open only after you have seen a certain cutscene. If you have trouble entering some rooms, revisit locations to progress.
Basement Basement Basement Knox' room Julia Heine's room Martine Burden's room Game room Hamilton Temple's room Brian Dutton's room Bathroom Chapel Laboratory Nursery Dollhouse Attic Kitchen Dining room Entrance Library Music room Art room Mausoleum Cellar Cellar Entrance Divide the cake into six pieces, each containing two skulls, two graves, and one piece with only frosting. [+] Arrange the cans in the pantry to form a proper sentence. [+] Move the grates so that a circular opening appears. [+] Find your way through the maze. A map of the maze can be found inside the house. [+] Close all the coffin lids. The starting position is random, so there is no solution that works in every case. Place seven spiders on the points of the star. [+] Spell out a sentence using the letters on the planet. [+] Spell out a sentence on the bedspread. Each letter you select must be 3 or 5 tiles away from the last one. All tiles are used. [+] Switch the positions of the white and black bishops without any one of them ever threatening another. [+] Connect the heart to the exit of the maze. [+] Place 8 queens on the chessboard. [+] Uncover all the cards by only moving horizontally or vertically. [+] Swap the positions of the black and white knights. [+] Flip all the coins by only moving horizontally or vertically. [+] Move across the tiles so that all three color blocks drop as you step onto the exit tile. [+] Win the game by having more bacteria of your color. Repeat each sequence of notes on the piano. Reconstruct Stauf’s face on the painting. Reconstruct the picture. You may have to start over the puzzle when it is not solvable. [+] The doll house is accessible through the nursery. Spell out three words. [+] To open the door, remove all knives but one. You remove a knife by jumping over it with another knife. [+] On the building puzzle, You can set each type of window to a certain direction. Once set, once a window is lit up, it will light up the window in the same direction as windows of the same type. [+]