An American Tail: Fievel Goes West

Talk to the rat. 11 Take the broccoli. Wait until the guard goes to sleep. Walk north, west. Talk to the card player. 1 Give the nickels. Continue playing until you win. Walk east, east, to the station, to the drain. Take the key. 11 Give the broccoli. Walk west, west, west. Talk to the mouse. 12 Walk north. Talk to the mice. 231 Continue playing until you win. Give the deck of cards. Walk south, west, northeast. Talk to Tony. Talk to Gussie. 2 Walk east, east, east, north. Go to the gate. Use the skeleton key. Go to the gate. Walk east. 1 Give the dice, the skull and the key. Complete the puzzle. Walk east. Continue playing until you win. Walk north, to the mine. Take the marbles. Walk west, north, east, east. Take the badge. If you encounter the scorpion, go south. Walk north, north, east, south, east. Walk northeast, northwest. Talk to Tanya. 21 Walk west, west, northwest. Talk to the dog. 1121211 Give the badge. Walk south, southeast. Talk to Tiger. 12 Give the perfume. Walk west, northwest. Talk to Wylie. Shoot as many birds, targets and tumbleweed as possible. Defeat the gang of cats. Complete the puzzle.