Hugo 1: Hugo’s House of Horrors

Walk to the pumpkin. > TAKE PUMPKIN > LOOK PUMPKIN > OPEN PUMPKIN > TAKE KEY Walk to the door. > UNLOCK DOOR > OPEN DOOR Walk north. Walk to the candle. > TAKE CANDLE Walk to the hole under the stairs. > LOOK HOLE > TAKE WHISTLE > TAKE PENKNIFE Walk east upstairs. Walk into the chamber. Walk behind the glass to the table. > LOOK TABLE > TAKE BUNG Walk into the chamber. > TELL IGOR TO PRESS BLUE > TELL IGOR TO PRESS BLUE > TELL IGOR TO PRESS BLUE Walk west, to the left door upstairs. > OPEN DOOR Walk through the left door upstairs. Walk to the closet. > OPEN CLOSET Walk to the mask. > TAKE MASK Walk south, to the right door opstairs. > OPEN DOOR Walk through the right door upstairs. Walk to the mirror. > LOOK MIRROR > WEAR MASK Walk south, east downstairs. Wait until the butler approaches you and asks a question. > YES Walk northwest. > TAKE OFF MASK Walk north, to the door. > OPEN DOOR > 333 Walk inside the shed. > LOOK > TAKE OILCAN Walk south, west. > THROW CHOP Walk to the rug. > MOVE RUG > OPEN TRAP DOOR > POUR OIL ON BOLTS > UNDO BOLT > OPEN TRAP DOOR Walk between the two rocks in the middle. > BLOW WHISTLE Walk north. Cause the mummy to get stuck behind the rocks. Walk to the gold. > TAKE GOLD Walk north, to the boat. > ENTER BOAT > PLUG HOLE WITH BUNG > ENTER BOAT > CUT ROPE > PUSH Wait until the boat reaches the man. > TALK MAN > BILBO > NARNIA > BRAM STOKER > C > MAN > BULLET > YES > GET OUT Walk east, to the man. > GIVE GOLD TO MAN Walk north.