Hugo 2: Whodunit?

Walk to the third door upstairs. > OPEN DOOR Walk north, to the yellow book. > TAKE BOOK Walk to the eastern door. > LOOK THROUGH KEYHOLE Walk to the yellow book. > TAKE BOOK > TALK BIRD Walk to the desk. > OPEN DESK > TAKE MATCHES Walk to the phone. > CALL POLICE Walk to the hole in the wall. > ENTER DUMB WAITER Walk to the cupboards. > OPEN CUPBOARD > TAKE GARLIC Walk north, east. Evade the fly traps and walk to the magnifying glass. > TAKE MAGNIFIER Walk east, east. Walk over the bridge without hitting the side. Walk east. Note whether the lamp is out or on. Walk west. > TAKE CATNIP > DROP MATCHES Walk west, west, into the shed. > EAT GARLIC Walk to the buttons. > PUSH GREEN > PUSH BLUE Walk west, east, north. Find your way through the maze. [+] Walk north, east, east, north, north. Walk west, west, south, west, north. Walk north, to the gun. > TAKE GUN Walk north, west, north, north, east, south, east, south. Walk east, east, east, south, west, west, west, to the bottle. > TAKE BOTTLE Walk east, east, east, north, north, north, east. Walk south, to the bell. > TAKE BELL Walk north, west, west, west, south, south, west, north. Walk west, north, west, west, south, south, east, south. Walk south, south, east, north, east, east, south, south. Walk west, west, south, south, east, to the matches. > TAKE MATCHES Walk east, east, east. Wait until you are bitten. Walk northeast. > LOOK BOTTLE > DRINK SERUM Walk to the sticks. > TAKE STICK > THROW STICK Walk to the doghouse. > LOOK IN DOGHOUSE > TAKE DYNAMITE Walk west, southeast, into the phonebooth. Walk west along the street. > LOOK WALL Note the phone number. Walk east, into the phonebooth. > DIAL > 1-800-333-HUGO > SHOOT ROBOT Walk to the man. Wait until he speaks to you. Walk into the phonebooth, west through the garden. Walk west, south, to the well. > CLIMB ROPE Walk to the rubble. > DROP DYNAMITE > LIGHT DYNAMITE Walk to the rope. > CLIMB ROPE Wait until the dynamite detonates. > CLIMB ROPE Walk east, west, to the lamp. > TAKE LAMP Walk east, north. Walk over the chasm just north of the rocks in the foreground. Walk to the banana. > TAKE BANANA Walk west, east, east. > RUB LAMP Walk to the genie. > TALK GENIE > GIVE BANANA Walk up the ladder, to the mouse hole. > LOOK HOLE Walk to the safe. > OPEN SAFE WITH SCREWDRIVER Wait until you take the will. > READ WILL Walk west, through the most northern open door, east. > RUB CATNIP ON BELL > GIVE BELL TO CAT Walk west, to the cupboard. Wait until the maid leaves. > OPEN CUPBOARD Walk east, to the bell. > TAKE BELL Walk west, west. Wait until the cook explains herself. Walk east, south, northwest, to the northeastern door. > OPEN DOOR > TALK HARRY Walk south, to the northwestern door. > OPEN DOOR Walk to the letter. Wait until Aunt Hester offers you a drink. > YES > READ LETTER Walk south, south and follow the police officer. Wait until he asks you who the murderer is. > NOBODY Walk to the paper. > TAKE PAPER > TAKE PENCIL > READ PAPER > HERRING Walk to the door. > PUSH PAPER UNDER DOOR > PUSH PENCIL IN KEYHOLE