Jack in the Dark

Walk to the chest. Search. Take the drum. Walk to the dime near the stove. Take the dime. Walk behind the counter, to the oil lamp. Take the oil lamp. Walk to the end of the counter. Search. Take the book. Read the book. Walk to the front of the counter, to the candy machine. Use the dime. Take the sweets. Wait until the puppet comes close. Empty the oil lamp. Walk to the chest. Use the drum. Walk near the chest until the three toys jump in and the chest closes. Walk through the saloon doors to the back room. Walk to the vanity case. Take the vanity case. Take the mirror. Walk to the cell in the back room. Walk a little away from the guards. Drop the vanity case. Walk to the candy cane where the guards were. Take the candy stick. Walk to the front room, to the jack-in-the-box. Give the candy stick. Use the mirror.