Keptosh I: The Search for Junc

Take the junc port. Walk southwest, west, north, inside. Walk southwest, west, south, east, inside. Use the east chair. Walk south, south, east. Take the Portable Terminal. Use the Portable Terminal on Adis. Walk west, north, inside. Walk south, west. Talk to the robot. Take the junc. Walk north, north, inside. Use the junc on the terminal. Talk to the barman. Talk to the barman. Walk south, east, inside. Give the junc packet to Nesa. Walk southwest, east, inside. Talk to the robot. Take the cloaker. Take the levitator. Walk south, east, south, west. Use the cloaker on Adis. Walk inside, west. Use the keyboard. Look at the broken data chip. Note the code. Enter the code from the broken data chip. Walk east, east, northeast. Take the red books on the rightmost bookshelf in the back. Use the lever. Use the levitator on Adis. Use the terminal.