King’s Quest I SCI: Quest for the Crown

Walk west, west, behind the rock. > PUSH ROCK > LOOK IN HOLE > TAKE DAGGER Walk north, to the tree. > CLIMB TREE Walk to the nest. > TAKE EGG Walk south, east, to the patch. > LOOK GARDEN > TAKE CARROT Walk north. Walk south, north until you meet the elf. Walk to the elf. > TALK ELF Walk north, to the bowl. > TAKE BOWL > LOOK BOWL > FILL Walk west, to the walnut tree. > TAKE WALNUT > OPEN WALNUT Walk west, west, to the house. > EAT HOUSE Walk east, west and repeat until the witch is gone. > OPEN DOOR Walk to the cabinet. > OPEN CABINET > LOOK CABINET > TAKE CHEESE Walk to the note on the nightstand. > TAKE NOTE > READ NOTE Wait until the witch returns. Walk to the witch unseen. > PUSH WITCH Walk west, north, north, north, east, to the pebbles. > TAKE PEBBLES Walk west, south, inside. > GIVE BOWL Walk to the fiddle. > TAKE FIDDLE Walk west, west, south, south, south, west, west. Walk to the four-leaf clover. > TAKE CLOVER Walk east, east, south, east. Walk to the well. > CUT ROPE > LOWER ROPE > CLIMB ROPE Drop down in the water. > DROP > DIVE Swim to the tunnel west. > FILL BUCKET > GET OUT Walk west. Walk near the dragon. > THROW WATER Walk to the mirror. > TAKE MIRROR Walk west. Walk west. Walk south, to the gate. > OPEN GATE Walk to the goat. > SHOW CARROT TO GOAT Walk south, to the stump. > LOOK IN STUMP > TAKE POUCH > OPEN POUCH Walk south, south, west, to the bridge. Wait until the goat attacks the troll. Walk west, to the gnome. > NIKSTLITSLEPMUR Walk east, east. > PLANT BEANS Walk to the plant. > CLIMB STALK Climb up, up. Walk east, east, south, east, east, to the hole. > LOOK HOLE > TAKE SLING Walk west, north. Evade the giant until he falls asleep. Walk to the giant. > TAKE CHEST Walk west, west, west, to the stalk. > CLIMB STALK Climb down, down. Walk south, south. Stand in the middle of the screen. If no bird appears, walk south, north and repeat. Wait until it flies down. > JUMP Walk west, to the mushroom. > TAKE MUSHROOM Walk east, to the hole, south, west, near the rat. > GIVE CHEESE TO RAT Walk west. > PLAY FIDDLE Walk west, to the shield. > TAKE SHIELD Walk to the sceptre. > TAKE SCEPTRE Walk west, to the hole. > EAT MUSHROOM Walk west. Walk north, north, east, east, east, to the gate. > OPEN GATE