King’s Quest I VGA: Quest for the Crown

Walk west, west, behind the rock. Push the rock. Look in the hole. Take the dagger from the hole. Walk north. Use the tree. Walk to the nest. Take the gold egg. Walk south, east, to the patch. Take the carrot from the garden. Walk north. Walk south, north until you meet the elf. Walk to the elf. Talk to the elf. Walk north. Take the bowl. Look at the bowl. Use the bowl. Walk west. Take the walnut. Use the walnut. Walk west, west, to the house. Use the house (not the door). Walk east, west and repeat until the witch is gone. Knock on the door. Open the door. Open the cabinet. Take the cheese. Take the note from the nightstand. Look at the note. Wait until the witch returns. Walk to the witch unseen. Push the witch. Walk west, north, east, north, north. Take the pebbles. Walk west, south, inside. Give the bowl to the man. Walk to the fiddle. Take the fiddle. Walk west, west, south, south, south, west, west. Take the four-leaf clover fromt the patch. Walk east, east, south, east. Walk to the well. Use the dagger with the rope. Use the handle. Use the rope. Use the water. Use the water. Swim to the tunnel west. Use the shore. Use the bucket with the water. Walk west. Walk near the dragon. Use the bucket with the dragon. Take the mirror. Walk west, west, south. Open the gate. Use the carrot with the goat. Walk south. Look into the stump. Take the pouch from the stump. Use the pouch. Walk west, south, south, to the bridge. Wait until the goat attacks the troll. Walk west, to the gnome. Talk to the gnome. > NIKSTLITSELPMUR Walk east, east. Use the beans with the fertile soil. Use the stalk. Climb up. Climb up. Walk east, east, south, east, east. Take the sling from the hole. Walk west, north. Evade the giant until he falls asleep. Walk to the giant. Take chest. Walk west, west, west. Use the stalk. Climb down, down. Walk south, south. Stand near the pebbles just to the right of the middle of the screen. If no bird appears, walk south, north and repeat. Wait until the condor is at it’s lowest point and right over Graham. Use the condor. Walk west. Take the mushroom. Walk east, to the hole, south, west, near the rat. Give the cheese to the rat. Walk west. Use the fiddle with Graham. Walk west. Take the shield. Take the sceptre. Walk west, to the hole. Use the mushroom with Graham. Walk west. Walk north, north, east, east, east, to the gate. Use the gate.