Leather Goddesses of Phobos 2

If Barth, skip this section.
If Zeke: Talk to Lydia. Leave Lydia. Walk right, forward, forward, left, forward, forward, left, to the house, forward. Talk to Jim. Ask about the Germanium-based lifeform. Ask about the radioactive isotopes. Ask about the sulfurized liquid rubber. Leave Jim. Go to the right door. Flip the switch. Go back, back, to the left door, back, back. Face the street with the bar sign. Go forward, forward, to the first aid post, forward. Go to the cabinet. Take the sulfur. Go back, to the door, forward, forward. If Lydia: leave Zeke. Go left, to the car, to the hood. Take the hose. Go back, into the car. Take the transmitter. Go back, back, back, left, forward. Go left, forward, forward, to the boat. Go back, to the hole, to the door. Open the locker. Take the uniform. Use the uniform. Go forward, to the HQ door. Open the drawer. Take the key. Go forward, left, left, to the R1 door. Read the messages on each of the screens. Note the numbers. Go to the stairs, left. Go forward, forward, right, forward, to the bar, forward. Take the bottle. Go back, back, left, to the diner. Take the bowl. Use the hose on the bowl. Use the bourbon on the bowl. Use the sulfur on the bowl. Go back, forward, left, forward, forward, forward. Use the key on the desk. Take the envelope. Read the purple letter. Note the name on the paper. Go through the door, back, back. Go forward, forward, forward. Choose the name on the letter. Take the manilla envelope. Go forward, back, forward, right. Go forward, left, forward. Use the uniform. Go forward, left, to the L1 room. Use the manilla envelope. Find the code in the manual. [+] Add the number as indicated on one of the screens you looked at. Go to the lock. Enter the code. Take the radioactive isotopes. Go back, through the right door, left. Go forward, forward, right. If Lydia: Go forward, to the bar, forward. Talk to Zeke. Ask about the Germanium-based lifeform. Leave Zeke. If Zeke: Go to the diner, back. Talk to Lydia. Ask about the meteor. Leave Lydia. Go back, back, forward, forward, left, to Dealer Dan. Give the radioactive isotopes to Barth. Give the sulfurized liquid rubber to Barth. Use the transmitter. Type in the three-digit code from the screens. Skip the next part. Go left, forward, back, forward. Take the cone. Go back, forward, forward, forward. Go forward, right, forward, left. Take the soap. Use the ray gun on the lower right corner of the back wall. Go forward, back, left, forward, right, forward. Turn around. Use the ray gun on the sign. Go forward, to the diner. Take the grapes. Go forward, forward, forward, forward, forward. Open the trash can. Take the bottle. Push the button. Take the coin. Go forward, right, forward, right, to the house, forward. Take the iron. Give the ray gun to the boy. Take the iron. Go to the left door, back, back, to the bar, forward, forward. Take the purple ball. Use the purple ball on one of the holes. Take the black 8-ball. Go forward, back, back, left, left. Go forward, left, to the grocery. Give the coin to the shopkeeper. Take the pumpkin. Go forward, right, to Dealer Dan. Talk to Lydia. Give the handshake. Ask for the radioactive isotopes. Leave Lydia. Talk to Zeke. Ask for the sulfurized liquid rubber. Tell about the Leather Goddesses of Phobos. Wait until the mob disperses. Go back, left, left, forward, forward. Go forward, left, forward, left, forward. If Barth: Go back. Else: Talk to Barth. Ask about the ship. Put the grapes in the top left hole. Put the black 8-ball in in the top left hole. Put the soap in in the top left hole. Put the bottle in the top hole. Put the sign in the left hole. Put the cone in the left hole. Put the iron in the left hole. Put the pumpkin in the hole. Go forward. Go to the doors, to the left doors, forward. Use the machine. Talk to the council leader. Greet the council leader. Wait until the Council decides. Go back, back, to the right doors, to the spaceship. Go to the building, forward, to the left door. Use the invisibility belt. Go to the left door. Hold the green disc. Wait until the Leather Goddesses mention the entire invasion. Go forward, through the middle door. Use the shackles. Go to the door, to the right door, to the right door. Go back, to the rockets, into the flagship, to the door. Wait until the flagship reaches Earth. Go forward, to the stairs, back, left, left. Go forward, to the KCAR station. Use the green disc on the record player. Flip the switch. Talk to anyone.