MythMaster: A Vagabond’s Adventure

Walk to the woodcutter. > TALK TO WOODCUTTER Walk north, to the shiny object in the west part of the fountain. > LOOK WATER > GET COIN > GET KEY Walk south, through the wall, west, to the white flower. > LOOK > LOOK AT VINE > LOOK AT ROSE > GET WHITE ROSE Walk west, to the door. > KNOCK ON DOOR > OPEN DOOR Walk inside, to the table. > LOOK AT TABLE > GET BOWL > LOOK AT BOWL > GET WALNUT Walk west, east, to the squirrel. > GIVE WALNUT Walk south, south, west. > LOOK > LOOK AT BEACH Walk to the small rock. > GET SMALL ROCK Walk east, east, to the lily just south of the bush. > LOOK POND > GET LILY Walk to the middle of the pond. > LOOK WATER > GET JAR Walk south, to the pixie. > GIVE COMB Walk to the book. > GET BOOK Walk south, to the gray patch west of the tree. > LOOK GROUND > GET SEEDS Climb up the tree, up the tree. Walk to the door. > KNOCK ON DOOR > OPEN DOOR Walk inside, to the sink. > LOOK SINK > GET MATCH > LOOK CABINET Walk to the lantern. > GET LANTERN > READ BOOK > USE BOOK > TALK TO FAIRY Walk south. Climb down, down, to the ground. Walk north, east, east, east. Wait until the feather comes to rest. Walk to the feather. > GET FEATHER Walk north, into the cave. > LOOK Walk to the boulder. > GET SLIPPER Walk northwest, north, north, north, to the cricket. > LOOK AT CREATURE > GET CRICKET Walk west, west, to the goose. > READ BOOK > USE BOOK > GET CROWBAR Walk south, south, to the ax. > GET AX Walk to the trees. > GET STICK Walk south, west, to the mud. > GET MUD Walk east, to the beaver. > READ BOOK > USE BOOK Walk west, north, to the door. > KNOCK ON DOOR > OPEN DOOR Walk to the toad. > READ BOOK > USE BOOK Walk to the woodcutter’s wife. > TALK WOODCUTTER’S WIFE > GIVE AX Walk west, west, west, south. Swim west, to the island. Walk to the coconut. > GET COCONUT > OPEN COCONUT Walk east, south, south, to the shell. > GET SHELL Walk west. > TALK TO BUM Walk east, south, south, into the water. > GET SALTWATER Walk to the door. > KNOCK ON DOOR > OPEN DOOR > USE BOOK > TALK TO FISHERMAN Walk west, north, into the office, to the nets. > GET NET Walk south, east, north, to the hole in the tree. > LOOK HOLE > GET TRUMPET Walk north, to the butterfly. > CATCH BUTTERFLY Walk north, north, to the caterpillar. > LOOK CREATURE > GET CATERPILLAR Walk north, east, east, east, east, to the bucket. > LOOK AT BUCKET > GET EARRING Walk to the door. > KNOCK ON DOOR > OPEN DOOR Walk to the owl. > USE BOOK > TALK TO MAGICIAN Walk to the magician. > GIVE BOOK Walk to the barrel. > GET UMBRELLA Walk south, west, west, west, west, west, north, north, north. Walk into the hole in the cliff, into the hole in the ground. Walk to the cabinet. > LOOK CABINET > GET WATCH Walk east. > USE TRUMPET Walk east, east, to the chest. > LOOK CHEST > GET MACE Walk upstairs, east, to the east vase. > LOOK VASE > GET CATNIP Walk east, to the shelves. > LOOK FOOD > GET CRACKER Walk west, to the guards. > TALK GUARD > GIVE MACE > GIVE COIN Walk north, to the king. > GIVE SLIPPER > TALK TO KING Walk west, to the queen. > GIVE RING Walk east, east, to the parrot. > TALK TO PARROT > GIVE CRACKER > TALK TO PARROT Walk to the trunk. > USE KEY Walk west, south, south, east, south, south. Walk east, east, east, south, into the cave, to the boulder. > USE CROWBAR Walk east. > USE WATCH Walk to the princess. > GET PRINCESS > USE WHITE ROSE