Reality on the Norm 013: The Lost Treasure of RON

Walk east. Talk to the reaper. 222 Walk east. Use the car. Open the door to the red building. Give the ticket to Max. Use the filing cabinet. Take the framed dollar. Walk east. Use the door to Scid’s. Give the dollar to the barman. Talk to the barman. 23 Walk south, west. Talk to the bum. 2222 Walk east. Use the left window of the house for sale. Use the big drawer. Look at the paper. Use the vodka on the rum. Use the button on the glass. Use the window. Use the door to the general store. Talk to the clerk. 44 Give the dumbfounding spell to the clerk. Walk south, west. Give the magazine to the bum. Walk east, north, west. Use the shovel on the sand.