Reality on the Norm 016: I Spy II

Walk east, to the Realiser. Talk to the man. 11117 Use the desk. Use the filing cabinet. Walk south. Go to city hall. Take the scissors and glue. Talk to the clerk. 1 Walk southeast. Go to the town square. Use the right door. Use the key on the middle door. Use the cabinet in the bathroom. Use the clothes in the bedroom. Walk south, south. Use the door to the general store. Take the magazine. Use the wallet on the clerk. Walk south, west. Give the file to the bum. Talk to the bum. 13 Walk east. Use the door to Scid’s. Talk to the bartender. 13 Give the magazine to the bartender. Walk south, west. Give the beer to the bum. Use the camera on Mika. Use the scissors on Mika’s picture. Use the glue on Mika’s picture. Use Mika’s picture on the press pass. Walk east, east. Go to city hall. Give the press pass to the clerk. Use the door. Talk to the mayor. Give the makeup to the mayor. Walk south, southeast. Go to the graveyard. Use the tree on the foreground. Use the scissors on the rope. Walk west. Look at the sign. Use the rope on the tree on the foreground. Walk east, south. Go to the Realiser. Give the bum’s picture to the boss. Give the mayor’s picture to the boss. Give the statue’s picture to the boss.