Reality on the Norm 030: Intergalactic Life 2.0

Take the credit card. Use the east exit. Use the credit card on the pink toilet paper. Use the pink credit card on the clerk. Walk south, east. Go to the church. Take the coin. Walk west. Go to the town square. Walk west. Give the coin to the bum. Walk east. Use the book on Mika. Use the door to the Yahtzeebrand store. Give the book to the clerk. Use the cabinet door. Use the cheese on the mouse hole. Use the east exit. Talk to the clerk. 4 Use the mouse on the mouse hole. Use the box. Give the donut to the chicken. Use the life pills on the chicken. Walk upstairs, south, east. Go to the church. Use the scissors on the west bushes. Walk east. Use the key on the door. Walk west. Use the door. Give the red hot chili sauce to the doctor. Use the door. Use the spacecraft.