Reality on the Norm 033: Kittens and Cacti

Walk west. Take the bottle of Kia-Ora. Walk north. Use the body. Walk east, north. Use the tree. Take the kite. Walk west, west. Give the gin to Mary. Walk west, west, northeast. Use the kite cloth on the thistle. Use the thistle on the Kia-Ora. Walk east, east. Use the soggy thistle on the Corax. Walk north, west. Give the Corax feather to Mary. Talk to the Mystical Kitten. Walk north, east. Talk to the boy. Walk east. Talk to the man. Walk west. Use the magnet on a chain on the vase. Give the bust to the boy. Take a rose. Take the swords from the statue. Walk east. Use the key on the door. Walk east. Give the rose to the woman. Use the mouse on the swords. Walk west. Use the ghost mouse on the elephant head. Talk to the Mystical Kitten.