Rob Blanc II: Planet of the Pasteurized Pestilence

Talk to Paul. 3-3 Use the book on Paul. Use the wall. Talk to Paul. 5 Pick up the helmet. Walk south, east. Pick up the rope. Walk southwest, south, north. Talk to the drainpipe. Pick up the credit card. Walk west. Use the doors. Pick up the slumpfish oil. Pick up the oxygen tank. Walk south, west, north, east. Pick up the milk. Use the slumpfish oil on the milk. Give the milk to the baby. Use the door. Walk south, south, east. Use another door. Use the milk on the microscope. Walk west, west, west, north. Talk to the king. 5-4 Walk south, west. 1 Talk to the farmer. 2-3 Use the shed. Use the overalls on the helmet. Use the oxygen tank on the suit. Walk east, west. 3 Use the diving suit on Rob. Use the lake. Use the rope on the canister. Use the rope. Walk south, east, east, east, south. Pick up the sturdy rod. Talk to Paul. 5-2 Pick up the chalk. Use the chalk on the constellation. Pick up the crowbar. Use the crowbar on the portal. Use the portal. Talk to Paul. 4 Walk north. Pick up the newspaper. Look at the newspaper. Walk south. Use the key on door no 4. Use the drawer. Walk west. Use the skeleton key on door no 2. Pick up the energy drink. Use the energy drink on Paul. Pick up the weights. Walk north. Use the skeleton key on door no 1. Walk west. Use the cistern lid. Pick up the toothbrush.