Agent settings
Number of clusters:
Number of agents:
Average connections per agent:
Clustering coefficient:
Daily interactions per agent:
Disease characteristics
Infection rate:
Probability that an interaction with a contagious agent causes a susceptible agent to become exposed.
Asymptomatic infection rate:
Probability that an infected agent does not show any symptoms for the entire duration of the infection.
Severe infection rate:
Probability that a symptomatic agent requires hospitalization.
Simulation speed: Critical infection rate:
Probability that a symptomatic agent requires ICU treatment.
Fatality critical infection:
Probability that an agent with critical symptoms does not survive.
Society characteristics
This only affects agents with symptoms. Agents without symptoms (asymptomatic or presymptomatic) will keep interacting as usual.
of the population
Agent with severe symptoms have a 50% probability of contracting critical symptoms for every day that they cannot be hospitalized.
of the population
Agents with critical symptoms who cannot be admitted to the ICU do not survive.