Take the stick. Take the journal. Take the fishing pole. Tie the stick to the fishing pole. Move the branches with the fishing pole. Catch the locket with the fishing pole. Defeat the monster. 44 Walk to the pass through the mountains to the southeast. Push the large rock. Push the log. Talk to Shella. 14 Give the locket to Shella. 1 Walk to the ferry to the east. Cross the water at the shallow part to the north. Walk to the Watch Towers to the east. Walk north, north, west. Take the teacup. 2 Smell the teacup. Walk east, south, south, east. Show the teacup to the herbalist. Walk southwest, north, north, west. Take the steam pot. Pour the steam pot in the brazier. Take the charcoal. Walk east. Take the potpourri. Walk south, south, east. Take the paper. Read the paper. Take the green potion from the counter. Walk southwest, north. Pour the green potion on the dogwood tree. Take the flowers. Walk south, east. Mix the flowers in the mortar and pestle. Walk east, south, south, north. 3 Walk north. Talk to Winston. 3 Unlock the dragon design with the locket. Walk to the ferry to the north. Talk to the gardener. 3 Give orders to attack the weakest. In the fight, do not attack the gardener. Defeat all enemies except for the gardener. Catch the rope in the water with the rope in Jak’s backpack. Tell Shella to shoot an arrow from Shella’s backpack at the brake. Walk to the stone ramp north at the crossroads. Walk northwest, northwest, northwest. Break the laurel. Take the laurel. Walk southeast, southeast, southeast. Walk northeast, northeast, northeast. Knock on the door. Knock on the door. Give the food to Brendel. 34 Give the branch to Brendel. Talk to the guard. 1212344 Talk to Brendel. 2334 Tell Shella to show the locket to Seneschal. Walk west. Read the book. Open the door. Walk south. Talk to Seneschal. 13 Take the book from the cabinet. Walk south. Read the book. 4 Walk north. Push the eastern tapestry. Knock on the wall. Push the candleholder. Oil the lion’s jaw with the oil. Pry the lion’s jaw with the knife. Unlock the keyhole with the key. Walk north. Light the lantern. Light the candle. Attack the dark mirror with the knife. Go forward, right. Look at the skull. Open the skull. Take the scroll. Read the scroll. Invoke the scroll on the book. Read the rituals. 3 Walk south, south. 32 Take the mace. Walk northeast. Look at the book. Cut the book with the knife. Put the pact on the floor. Put the incense on the floor. Tell Brendel to put the mace on the floor. Light the incense with the tinderbox. Invoke the book on the pact. Invoke the book on the mace. Talk to the shade. 244 Invoke the book on the shade. Talk to the shade. 34 Talk to the shade. 32 Take the mace. Take the bottle. Fill the bottle from the cask. Put the laurel in the bottle. Put the potpourri in the bottle. Walk northeast, south, northeast, northeast, northeast. Tell Shella to take the mistletoe. Put the mistletoe in the bottle. Walk southwest, southwest, southwest, north, east. Pour the bottle on the flame barrier. Follow the road to Kern. 3 Follow the road to Arborlon. 14 Walk north, north. 4423 Look at the parchment. Walk south, north, northwest. Talk to Arion. 24 Look at the pendant. Walk south. 34 Light the fireplace. Walk south. Tell Shella to fill the hole with the kerchief. Tell Brendel to give the pot to Jak. Fill the pot with clay. Walk south. Fill the carved stone with the clay. Pour the water on the flagstone. Take the flagstone. Put the flagstone in the clay. Take the earth rune. Give the rope to Lessa. 3 Climb the ladder. Take the shingles. Remove the bird’s nest. Oil the weather vane with the oil. Turn the weather vane. Walk south. Give the journal to Brendel. Walk west. Remove the vines. Close the gate. Take the life rune. Open the gate. Walk east, north. Give the air rune to Davio. Give the life rune to Davio. Give the earth rune to Davio. Give the water rune to Davio. Light the fireplace. Walk south. Climb the ladder. Put the shingles on the metal piece. Walk south. Take the ladder. 3 Walk north, north. Give the silver ring to Davio. Walk south. 3 Walk south, south. Give the gold ring to Lessa. Talk to Lessa. 3 Walk north, west, north. Put the elf rune on the rune stone. Put the earth rune on the rune stone. Put the air rune on the rune stone. Put the fire rune on the rune stone. Put the water rune on the rune stone. Put the life rune on the rune stone. Take the Elfstones. Walk south, east, north. 123 1234 Give the Elfstones to Davio. Walk to the plains to the northeast. Walk to the fight east on the plains. Defeat the enemies. 4 Wait until you reach the canyon. Tell Telsek to take the boulder. Tell Telsek to throw the boulder at the arch. Walk north. Order everyone to attack the leader. Order Davio to use the Elfstones. Attack the leader. Defeat the enemies. Walk north. Light the lantern. Give the letter to Aine. 1234 Look at the dark object. 1234 Tie the rope to the Black Irix. Wait until you reach the battlefield. Walk east. Retreat. 43 Walk west, west. Give the letter to the guard. 31 Wait until the Challenge starts. Walk west. Search the nest. Give the feather to Telsek. Talk to the cook. 3 Walk west, west, north. Tell Brendel to give the spoiled wine to Jak. Walk south, east, east. Give the spoiled wine to the cook. Walk west, west. Put the worms on the fishing pole. Fish in the stream with the fishing pole. Walk west, west. Talk to the guard. 31132 Take the shield. 2134 Talk to the guard. 423 Defeat the enemies. Walk east through Jannison Pass. Defeat the enemies. Walk south along the river. Continue south across the river. Walk south to Storlock. Walk northeast. Tell Shella to tie the kerchief to the arrows. Give the oil to Shella. Tell Shella to light the arrow. Defeat the spider. Talk to the healer. 431234 Walk southwest. Walk southeast to the Silver River. 1234 Walk east. Look at the shards of broken pottery. Look at the cupboard. Walk north. Look at the fireplace. Look at the chair. Walk south, east. Talk to Davio. 2 Open the stein. Look at the red sash. Walk west. Give the red sash to Kili. 3 Defeat the enemy. 3 Look at the backpack. Walk north. Put the handle in the hole. Push the handle. 1234 Walk northeast. 1234 Pour the magic dust in the pond. Tell Davio to invoke the Elfstones on the dam. 1234 Defeat the enemies. Walk north, across the river, to Dragon’s Teeth mountains. Walk northwest. 3 Walk northwest. 123 Invoke the book on Shella. Attack Shella with the dagger. Touch the boot. Push the bootheel. Cut the rope with the nails. Take the coarse rope. Cut the tent with the boot heel. Walk west. Cut the west tent with the boot heel. Walk west. Take the ritual dagger. Take the magic torc. Gag the gnome shaman with the blindfold. Tie the coarse rope to the gnome shaman. Walk east, east. Unlock the east chest with the keyring. Unlock the west chest with the keyring. Open the east chest. Walk west, west. Talk to Geeka. 31343 Walk east, east. Tell Geeka to take the west chest. Tell Geeka to put the handle in the hole. Tie the rope to the metal bound chest. Put the metal bound chest in the pit. Tell Geeka to enter the pit. Enter the pit. Walk west. Tell Geeka to put the handle in the hole. Walk east. Tell Brendel to throw the warhammer to the grating. Tell Brendel to enter the grating. Walk east. Open the metal plate. Fix the metal plate. Tell Telsek to use the Black Irix. Tell Telsek to turn the wheel. Tell Telsek to open the door. Walk north. Walk north. Defeat the enemies. Tell Telsek to push the statue. Walk north. Order Davio to use the Elfstones. Continue fighting the shifter until Davio speaks up. 1 Walk north, south. Tell Telsek to take the broken door. Walk north. Tell Brendel to lift the cage bar. 3 Push the cage bar. Tie the rope to the cage bar. Walk south. Look at the top of the idol. Tell Brendel to throw the warhammer at the eye. Defeat the enemies. Climb the idol. Draw the Sword. Wander around your thoughts until you reach the end. Attack the book with the Sword. 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234 13