Space Quest I: The Sarien Encounter

In many areas, death can occur randomly. Save often. Walk west, west, east. Wait for scientist to walk in. Walk to the scientist. > HELP MAN Wait for scientist to die. Walk to computer. > LOOK SCREEN > ASTRAL BODY Wait for retrieval unit to fetch cartridge. > TAKE CARTRIDGE Walk west, west. > SEARCH MAN > TAKE KEYCARD Walk east, into the elevator, east, into the elevator. Walk east, to the console. > LOOK CONSOLE > PUSH OPEN Walk east, to the keycard slot. > USE KEYCARD Walk into the elevator, to the console. > LOOK CONSOLE > PUSH AIRLOCK Walk to the buttons between the closed doors in the back wall. > PUSH LEFT > PUSH RIGHT Walk to the suit. > TAKE SUIT Walk to the left door. > TAKE GADGET > TURN ON GADGET Walk west, to the console. > LOOK CONSOLE > PUSH PLATFORM Walk to the left side of the escape pod. > ENTER POD > CLOSE DOOR > FASTEN SEATBELT > LOOK CONSOLE > PUSH POWER > LOOK SCREEN > PULL THROTTLE > PUSH AUTONAV Wait until the pod lands. > LOOK POD > TAKE KIT > OPEN KIT > UNFASTEN SEATBELT > LEAVE Walk to the front of the pod. > LOOK POD > TAKE GLASS Walk east, east, to one of the plants. > TAKE PLANT Walk east, west, until the spider droid appears. Walk east, up the ramp, west, behind the boulder. Wait for the spider droid to pass under the bridge. > PUSH BOULDER Walk east, south, north, into the cave. > DRINK > THROW WATER Walk to the Orat part. > LOOK GROUND > TAKE ORAT PART Walk north, south, up the ramp, west, west. Walk north, east, east, between the two rocks, to the small rock. > TAKE ROCK Walk west, to the grate. Walk to the back of the rock wall and slip across the grate. Walk to the geyser. > PUT ROCK ON GEYSER Walk north, west, to the laser beams. > USE GLASS Walk up. Avoid the acid drops. Walk east, east. > DROP ORAT PART Walk north, to the console. > INSERT CARTRIDGE Note the destruct code. > TAKE CARTRIDGE Walk to the Skimmer. > ENTER SKIMMER > LOOK SKIMMER > TURN KEY Reach Ulence Flats. > LEAVE SKIMMER > TAKE KEY Wait for the merchant to aproach you. > NO Enter and leave the bar, walk to the skimmer. Wait for the merchant to aproach you. > YES Walk into the bar, to the bar. Wait for the barkeeper to aproach you. > GIVE COUPON > DRINK BEER > BUY BEER > DRINK BEER > BUY BEER > DRINK BEER Wait for the gamble machine to become free. Walk to the slot machine. Gamble until you have 250 buckazoids. Leave the bar, walk west. Walk north, to the ship. Wait for the merchant to join you. > BUY SHIP Walk east, east, into the shop. Walk to the right-most droid on the second floor. > GIVE COUPON > BUY DROID Walk south, west, west. Walk to the ship. > ENTER SHIP > PUSH LOAD > HH > WEAR JETPACK > LEAVE SHIP Fly to the door. > TURN HANDLE Fly inside. Wait besides the door. Wait until the droid enters. Enter the ship. Walk to the box. > OPEN TRUNK > PUT JETPACK IN TRUNK > CLOSE TRUNK > PUSH TRUNK > CLIMB ON TRUNK > OPEN VENT > CLIMB IN VENT Climb up, to the vent. > KICK VENT > OPEN VENT Climb down, east. > GET OFF > OPEN TRUNK > CLIMB IN TRUNK Wait until you’re taken away. > OPEN TRUNK > CLOSE TRUNK > CLIMB ON TRUNK > CLIMB IN VENT Climb east. > GET OFF Walk to the washing machine. > OPEN MACHINE > CLIMB IN MACHINE > OPEN MACHINE Walk east, to a guard. > TALK TO GUARD Repeat until the guard asks whether you own King’s Quest II. > YES > KISS GUARD Walk in the left elevator, west, into the elevator. Walk east, east, east, to the counter. > LOOK CLOTHES > GIVE ID Walk to the grenades. > TAKE GRENADE Wait until the robot returns. Walk west, right over the guard. > DROP GRENADE Walk east, to the counter. > GIVE ID Walk to the grenades. > TAKE GRENADE Wait until the droid returns. Walk west, west, west, into the elevator. Shoot the first Sarien guard you see. Walk east, east, to the guard. > SEARCH MAN > PUSH BUTTON Walk to the generator. > LOOK PANEL Enter the code 6858. Walk west, into the elevator, into the right elevator. Walk to the pod. > ENTER POD > LOOK POD > PUSH LAUNCH