Space Quest I VGA: The Sarien Encounter

Walk west, west, east, to the center of the room. Help the man. Sit at the cartridge retrival unit. Use the copy protection to enter the code corresponding to the term the man gave you. [+] Take the cartridge. Walk west, west. Search the man. Walk east, into the elevator, north. Take the widget. Walk south, east, east, into the elvator. Walk east, hide behind the joystick. Wait until the guards leave. Walk east. Use the panel to open the bay doors. Use the keycard with the elevator. Use the handprint scanner on the drawer. Open the closet. Take the suit. Open the airlock. Enter the pod. Use the seatbelt. Push the right button on the button panel. Push the throttle. Push the left button on the button panel. Use the seatbelt. Take the survival kit. Open the kit. Use the dehydrated water with yourself. Take the piece of glass. Walk east, east, east, south. Walk west, east, until the spider droid appears. Walk into the cave. Hide behind the big rock. Wait for the spider droid to kill Orat. Take the Orat part. Walk south, south, west. Take the plant. Walk east, up the bones, west, west. Walk north, east, east, to the end of the bone. Take the stalagmite tip. Walk east, to the grate. Use the plant with the tentacles. Walk south. Use the rock with the geyser. Walk west. Use the glass with the lasers. Walk upstairs east. Evade the acid drips. Turn the gadget on. Walk east, east. Give the Orat part to the hologram. Walk through the door. Use the cartridge with the screen. Make a note of the self-destruction code. Take the cartridge. Use the skimmer. Reach Ulence Flats. Reject the first offer of the buyer. Wait until the buyer returns. Accept the offer that includes the jetpack. Walk into the bar. Give the bar coupon to the barkeeper. Talk to the bartender. Buy another beer. Talk to the bartender. Buy another beer. Make a note of the sector the Sariens are in. Walk away from the bar. Use the widget with the gamble machine. Gamble until the machine breaks down. Leave the bar, walk west, north. Walk to the ship in the back. Give buckazoids to the merchant. Walk east, east, into the store. Give the coupon to the merchant. Buy the pilot droid NAV-201. Walk west. Use the ladder. Give the code for the sector to the droid. [+] Tell the droid not to leave. Use the handle to open the door. Wait east of the door until the droid has entered the airlock. Walk through the door. Use the knife with the trunk. Use the trunk. Open the machine. Use the machine. Take the identification. Leave the room, enter the left elevator. Walk west, enter the elevator. Walk east, east, east. Give the ID to the droid. Wait until the droid disappears. Use the counter. Take the grenade. Use the counter. Wait until you receive your gun. Walk west. Use the grenade on the guard. Walk west, west, into the elevator. Use the laser pistol on the first guard you see. Walk east, east. Search the guard. Use the remote with the forcefield. Walk to the Generator. Enter the self-destruction code. Walk west, into the elevator. Kill the guard. Enter the right elevator. Enter the escape pod.