Space Quest II: Vohaul’s Revenge

> LOOK WATCH > PRESS C Walk to the circle on the ceiling. Walk to your suit. > WEAR SUIT Walk to the lockers. > OPEN LOCKER > LOOK IN LOCKER > TAKE CUBE > TAKE SUPPORTER Walk west, onto the platform, in the transporter, into the ship. > SEARCH MAN > TAKE KEYCARD Walk to the ship. > SEARCH SHIP > PUSH BUTTON Walk north, behind the bushes. Wait until a ship flies past. Walk southeast, to the little man. > FREE MAN Walk west, west, to a spore patch. > TAKE SPORE Walk north, to the bush. > TAKE BERRIES Walk south, east, northwest, to the mailbox. > PUT FORM IN SLOT > TAKE OBJECT Walk east, northeast. > RUB BERRIES ON BODY Wade east, to the deep part of the pond. > TAKE A DEEP BREATH Dive the the underwater cave. Walk to the glowing rock. > TAKE GEM Walk into the water. > TAKE A DEEP BREATH Swim east, up. Wade east, east. Walk to the tree. > CLIMB TREE Walk east, east. > TALK MAN > TALK MAN Wait until the hunter is next to the cage. > THROW SPORE Walk to the hunter. > SEARCH MAN > TAKE KEY > UNLOCK DOOR > OPEN DOOR Walk to the rope. > TAKE ROPE Walk north, west, west, to the log. > CLIMB LOG Climb to the middle. > TIE ROPE TO LOG > CLIMB ROPE Climb to the end of the rope. > SWING Wait until the beast grabs at you. Release when the rope is at the far left to reach the cave. Walk west, into the dark. > HOLD GEM Walk west. Walk to the gem. > TAKE GEM Walk south. > SAY THE WORD Walk into the hole. > HOLD GEM IN MOUTH Climb down, right, first down, first right, down, right. Climb first down, last left, second down, first right. Swim right, into the right river. Swim east, to shore. > BLOW WHISTLE > THROW CUBE AT BEAST Walk to the opening. > TAKE ROCK Walk through the opening. > THROW ROCK AT GUARD WITH SUPPORTER Walk to the elevator. > LOOK ELEVATOR > PUT KEYCARD IN SLOT Walk to the rear of the shuttle. > OPEN SHUTTLE > LOOK PANEL > PUSH POWER > LOOK ATTITUDE > SET ATTITUDE TO VAC > PUSH ASCENT > PULL THROTTLE Wait until you reach space. > SET ATTITUDE TO HAC > PUSH THROTTLE Wait until Vohaul brings you into the asteroid. Walk east, into the elevator. > PUSH THREE Walk east, east, east, to the button. > PUSH BUTTON Walk into the closet. > LOOK AROUND > TAKE PLUNGER Walk west, west, west, into the elevator. > PUSH FOUR Walk east, east, to one of the buttons. > PUSH BUTTON Enter the room, walk to the empty stall. > OPEN DOOR > TAKE TOILET PAPER Walk south, east, to the button. > PUSH BUTTON Enter the room. > LOOK AROUND > TAKE GLASS CUTTER Walk west, west, west, into the elevator. > PUSH FIVE Walk east, east, to the button. > PUSH BUTTON Enter the room. > LOOK AROUND > TAKE OVERALLS > LOOK AROUND > TAKE LIGHTER > TAKE BASKET Walk west, west, into the elevator. > PUSH ONE Walk west, south. Walk right, left. Wait until the ground is nearly open. > PUT PLUNGER ON WALL Wait until the ground closes again. > STAND Stand under a sprinkler. > PUT PAPER IN BASKET > DROP BASKET > LIGHT PAPER Walk east, east, to Vohaul. > USE CUTTER Walk to the vent. > ENTER VENT Walk to the red button behind the respirator. > READ SIGN > PUSH BUTTON Walk to the vent. > LEAVE Walk west, to the switch. > LOWER SWITCH > TYPE ENLARGE Walk east, into the beam. Walk to Vohaul. > SEARCH MAN Walk to the screen. > LOOK SCREEN > SHSR Exit the screen. Walk east, to the box. > OPEN BOX > WEAR MASK Walk east, south, west, west, west. Wait until the robot starts following you. Walk east, east, east, east, east, east. Walk east, east, east, to the second door. > PUSH BUTTON > ENTER POD > PUSH LAUNCH > LOOK AROUND Walk at the chamber. > OPEN CHAMBER > ENTER CHAMBER