Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers

Walk east. Get the rope. Walk west, west. Look in the car, open the glove compartment. Get the laptop. Walk north. Hide behind the pillar from the security. Look in the war machine. Get the unstable element. Replace the unstable element. Walk east, east, north, behind the pillar. Use the rope with the ground. Snare the bunny. Look at the bunny. Get the battery. Look at the laptop. Put the battery in the laptop. Walk south. Open the grate. Take the jar. Lift the blotter. Open the door. Walk west, west, south. Use the jar with the slime. Walk west. Use the ladder. Wait until all guards are gone. Leave the sewer. Walk east. Use the back landing gear. Walk west. Use the timepod. Note the code of SQ12. Try a few random codes. Push the canopy button. Walk west, to the far west end to trigger the shadow. Walk east, south. Walk around until you’re picked up by a big bird. Wait until the Sequel Policeman is killed. Search the man. Open the piece of paper. Walk through the hole in the nest. Use the submarine. Wait until the restraints are opened. Push the button. Get a canister. Use the canister with the sea slug’s mouth. Get the ATM card. Walk west, northeast, northeast, north. Talk to the robot. Give buckazoids to the robot. Walk south, east, north. Talk to the manager twice. Accept the job. Earn at least 26 buckazoids. Walk east, southeast, southeast. Take the cigar. Walk east. Walk northwest, southeast, until you can enter the computer shop. Walk northeast. Use the discount box. Find the SQIV hint book. Look at the SQIV hint book. Keep the SQIV hint book. Leave the discount box. Give the buckazoids tot the shopkeeper for the book. Use the hintbook. Use the Reveal-O-Matic to reveal the last hint for the time pod. Note the code. Walk south. Use the ATM card with the teller machine. Walk southeast, west, northwest. Talk to the droid. Give the buckazoids to the droid. Walk south, southwest, east, to the machine. Use the ATM card with the teller machine. Select “Withdraw funds”. Select “Clean it out”. Select “Done”. Select “Done”. Walk southeast, west, northwest, into the changing booth. Walk southwest, northeast, northwest, to the far right corner in the back. Walk south, southwest, southeast. Float east, up, west. Float around until the Sequel Police appear. Float down. Walk west, northeast, northwest. Use the Timepod. Note the code for the Galaxy Galleria. Enter the sequence from the hintbook. End the code with the sequence of the paper. Use the canopy button. Walk south, into the bar. Try to take the matches. Use the bikes. Walk east, towards the bar. Jump away jump just before the bike hits you. Walk into the bar. Take the matches. Walk west, north. Jump away jump before the bike hits you. Use the Timepod. Enter the code for SQ12. Push the canopy button. Walk east, east. Use the slime with the lock. Open the door. Use the matches with the cigar. Use the panel. Enter rotation angles as 3-digit numbers to rotate the lasers. Rotate all three lasers to vertical position. Note: rotations may be sensitive to vertical orientation. If the game does not give you points, try rotating the lasers 180 degrees. Walk north. Look at one of the terminals. Note the plug. Walk south, south, west, west. Use the Timepod. Enter the code for the Galaxy Galleria. Push the canopy button. Walk south, northeast, east, east, northeast. Look at the screen. View the Catalog – Electronic Gadgets. Buy the PocketPal Connector. Select the plug that matches the one in Vohaul’s fortress. Leave. Use the PocketPal Connector with the Pocketpal. Walk west, west, west, northwest. Use the Timepod. Enter the code for SQ12. Push the canopy button. Walk east, east. Open the door. Use the Pocketpal with the terminal. Note the position of the droids. Walk west, west, west. Use the hintbook. Use the magic marker to reveal the last hint for the computer. Use the keypad. Enter code 69-65-84-76-69 Walk north. Drop robots in the toilet. Drop the brain in the toilet. Use the minus at the top left corner of the window. Walk east, east, east, north, west, south, west. Walk into the elevator. Walk north, east, north. Walk to Vohaul until you throw him in the beam. Use the ladder. Use the disk with the terminal. Choose Disk Upload. Choose Beam Upload. Choose Beam Download.