The City of Lost Children

Talk to the witches. Open the door. Talk to the vagrant. Go out of the fence, over the bridge and down the stairs. Go to the niche under the stairs. Take the brush from the dark corner. Go through the alley to the pier. Walk on the packages to the metal bar. Take the metal bar. Walk off the packages. Go down the pier to the lighthouse. Use the metal bar on the control panel. Go to the coils at the other side of the lighthouse. Bend down behind the coils before the watchman arrives. Stay hidden until the watchman arrives. Go down the pier and turn left before entering the alley. Walk around the building to the door. Open the door. Use the light switch. Open the cash register. Drop the brush in the cash register drawer. Open the cupboard. Talk to the witches. Take the bag of marbles from the bookcase. Open the door. Open the door directly to the right. Use the bag of marbles on the bottle. Open the door. Give the potion to the vagrant. Use the crank. Take the sausage from the basket. Take the door handle from the basket. Go up the stairs. Use the door handle on the door. Use the light switch. Take the courtyard key from under the bed. Open the door. Give the sausage to the dog. Use the courtyard key on the door next to the dog. Open the door. Go down the stairs, turn left. Go along the narrow street until you reach a courtyard. Talk to the man fixing the car. Take the pincers left of the man when he bends into the car. Use the pincers on the bell. Take the bell. Go back through the narrow street and continue to the guard. Use the bell on the metal stairs. Go up the stairs. Open the door. Take the small safe. Use the small safe on the scales near the large safe. Take the jewels from the large safe. Open the door. Pick up the piece of wood behind the crates and the cardboard box. Go to the right. Use the left lever. Use the piece of wood on the left lever. Use the right lever. Take the key from the shelf. Use the key on the door. Open the door. Go up the stairs. Take the lighter from behind the pillar. Go over the bridge and follow the path to the fence. Walk onto the crates and over the fence. Take the candle from the darkest corner. Take the scissors from the table. Use the candle on the rope. Use the lighter on the candle. Follow the road and go straight ahead to the man coating the boat. Talk to the man. Go up the stairs and to the corner of the catwalk. Take the tin from the window sill. Follow the catwalk until the end. Take the atomizer from behind the barrel in the back. Go back along the catwalk, downstairs. Take the paintbrush. Use the paintbrush on the paint bucket. Go through the street, turn left and continue straight ahead. Use the coated paintbrush on the guard. Continue onto the pier and to the fisherman. Talk to the fisherman. Repeat until he tells what he is fishing for. Give the tin to the fisherman. Go back to the docks. Go down the stairs to the lower pier with the light. Take the stick at the end of the pier. Talk to the boatman. Go up the stairs, to the far end of the docks. Talk to the man. Use the stick on the glass of fleas. Use the music box. Use the atomizer on the man. Take the compass-watch from the man. Go back, away from the docks, to the man coating the boat. Go upstairs and follow the catwalk to the Chinese salesman. Use the plank over the entrance. Take the map. Go back along the catwalk, downstairs, to the docks. Go down the stairs to the lower pier with the light. Give the map to the boatman. Give the compass-watch to the boatman.