The Sorceror’s Appraisal

Walk to the crayon. > TAKE CRAYON Walk to the bookshelf. > LOOK BOOKS > TAKE NOTEBOOK Walk west, to the knife. > TAKE KNIFE Walk to the left cupboard. > OPEN CUPBOARD > LOOK CUPBOARD > TAKE SALT Walk east, to the fire. > TURN OFF FIRE > ENTER FIREPLACE Walk to the kit. > TAKE KIT > READ NOTEBOOK > DRAW CIRCLE > READ NOTEBOOK > PUT CANDLES ON CIRCLE > READ NOTEBOOK > POUR BLOOD IN CIRCLE > READ NOTEBOOK > PUT SALT ON KNIFE > READ NOTEBOOK > RECITE WORDS > READ NOTEBOOK > CUT AIR Walk into the portal. Walk south, west, to the rock. > TAKE ROCK Walk west, west. > CAST FISSOP Walk to the gem. > LOOK GEM Walk east, east, east, south, south, south, west. Walk to the gun. > TAKE GUN Walk west. > CAST VIOGRA ON MONSTER Walk to the dead man. > TAKE SKULL > LOOK ARMOUR > TAKE SHARD Walk east, south, to the puddle. > TAKE BLOOD Walk to the stone. > PUT SKULL ON STONE > CRUSH SKULL WITH ROCK Walk north, east, north, east, to the crystal. > SHOOT CRYSTAL Walk to the fragments. > TAKE BITS Walk west, north, north, west, west, west, to the altar. > DRAW CIRCLE > LOOK BITS > PUT BITS ON CIRCLE > POUR BLOOD IN CIRCLE > PUT BONE ON SHARD > RECITE WORDS > CUT AIR > ENTER PORTAL > READ NOTEBOOK > LOOK WATER > CAST VIOGRA ON FISH Walk to the fish. > TAKE FISH > MOVE SAND > DRAW CIRCLE > CUT FISH > PUT FISH IN CIRCLE Wait until the ship passes by. > POINT AT SHIP Walk into the circle.